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Our 2023 Restoration Project is Complete!

A milestone in our historic preservation has been reached; restoration of the exterior of the historic Whitneyville Congregational Church!

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Dear Friends,

The Whitneyville Cultural Commons is so pleased to share with you that we've completed a major restoration of the exterior of the historic Whitneyville United Church of Christ building in our trust.

That building is also known as the Whitneyville Congregational Church; the founding church of the Whitneyville neighborhood, built on property that was donated by Eli Whitney to the church for the construction of a church that would provide spiritual tending to the workers in his factory. This major restoration project included the restoration and repair, up to The Standards of the Secretary of the Interior for Historic Restoration, of the wood siding and windows of the entire church building, as well as the steeple including:

  • Scraping and abating all old paint across siding, columns, and windows;
  • A full window restoration for all windows;
  • Repairing and replacing in kind all damaged or warped siding;
  • Installing flashing around steeple dome base, ending ongoing leak; repairing steeple weather vane attachment;
  • Priming and painting the entire building.

This extensive restoration was long overdue, and has prepared the once again beautiful church building for the next decade of community use. Restoration projects like this are very expensive though, and requires as much community support as possible. We ask that you continue to donate to the Whitneyville Cultural Commons, so that we can continue to do necessary maintenance on the historic buildings in our trust, making them beautiful and suitable for your use as a community resources center.

Robert Sheiman, Strategic Director
Monday, October 16, 2023

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1247 & 1253 Whitney Ave
Hamden, CT 06517
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