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The WCC offers consulting in creating, maintaining, and adapting communal and historic spaces and community resources centers.

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The Whitneyville Cultural Commons has been in the lucky position to successfully be adapting historic and communal spaces for renewed public use as Community Resources Centers; places where community has access to spaces, tools, and knowledge that are more usefully held in common, rather than privately and residentially kept. This novel solution to preserving and enhancing our assembly spaces has garnered the WCC special interest and inquiries from churches and nonprofits across Connecticut that are looking to offer similar services or preserve similar spaces. The WCC has been excited to partner with these churches and nonprofits through consulting to share all the expertise we've gained, so that what we've learned can be spread throughout the cities and towns of Connecticut.

We've completed work with The Episcopal Church of St. Paul & St. James to help them create The Square at St PJ's Church at Wooster Square in New Haven. Pictured here is the successful adaptation of the historic Sanctuary in ECPJ, and its use for a contemporary wedding reception, that was a part of that consulting partnership. We've also been pleased to assist Church of the Redeemer in New Haven, First Church of Christ Woodbridge, and The People's Place in Waterbury, with assessments and plans to help them adapt churches or create community resources centers.

We want you to know that we are excited for all inquiries for consulting from the WCC; you allow us to leverage our experience and expertise in creating and operating financially self-sustaining community resources centers for the benefit of your communities. If you'd like to submit an inquiry into receiving consulting services from the WCC, please click the button at the top of the page to fill out our Consulting Inquiry Form.

Robert Sheiman, Strategic Director
Sunday, October 1, 2023

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