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Restoring the Church House Auditorium

Support the WCC's 2024 Historic Preservation Campaign


Every year we undertake a major restoration project at the Whitneyville Cultural Commons, committing to restoring some major component of the historic properties in our trust. This year, we're restoring the Auditorium of the Church House, doing necessary maintenance and usability upgrades to make it a space that better serves community needs. As you can see from the photos, the years have been hard on the Auditorium, and we want to make sure it's in good condition for future generations to enjoy.

This year we plan to

  • Upgrade the Auditorium Kitchenette;
  • Paint the Auditorium; and
  • Fix the Auditorium Floor.

We're asking for your support in the WCC's 2024 Capital Campaign for Historic Preservation: Church House Auditorium Edition! We're need to raise $40,000 to accomplish the Auditorium Restoration, and we need your help. Social infrastructure only exists because community uses it and community supports it. Please, donate now!

Robert Sheiman
Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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